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New Spuffy fic by NautiBitz: POWER OUTAGE, S3 post-Helpless fic, PWP, S/B, NC-17 (Part 1 of 2)

Oh, so I wrote a new Spuffy fic. (Sort of. I actually wrote the very beginning of this YEAAAARS ago, but now it's done.) In 2 parts. Enjoy!

(Now with intended italics.)


Summary: Post-Helpless, season 3. Not yet back to fighting form, Buffy relaxes at home after a sexually frustrating night at Angel's... and Spike slips in undetected.

A/N: This is pure, unrepentant PWP.

Song: "Post-Modern Sleaze" - Sneaker Pimps

"Get hot already!" Buffy whined, slicing her hand through the icy spray. "Why is nothing working in my life? What does a girl have to do to--" On further inspection of the shower knob, she diagnosed the problem: she hadn't spun it hard enough. "Duh."

She gave it a good turn. Scalding water boiled her skin. "Stupid... gah!"

This whole no-power deal was really messing with her daily routine. As a slayer, she'd learned to handle knobs, levers and switches with a modicum of pressure so as not to bust them out of their housing. Now that she was just a girl again, she had to remember to use force. Quelle ironique.

"Not too hot, not too cold, and there it is," she said, stepping into the warm, soothing stream. "Just right for Buffylocks."

She couldn't wait to have her strength back, if only to put an end to these annoying little hassles. And to stop calling herself Buffylocks.Collapse )

To be continued...


I'm still here!

Sorry for the delay, everyone -- I was given an opportunity to come to Martha's Vineyard for 7 weeks to focus on the novel I've been writing in my head for most of my adult life, so I took it. (The novel takes place on the Vineyard, so I've spent a lot of my time here exploring, researching, and interviewing the locals. I'm happy to report that the first draft is 2/3 done, and I couldn't be more excited about it!) I have learned two valuable things: in order to finish something the first step is to START IT, and the second step is to NOT STOP. ;) So, finishing this story that is so close to my heart is my top priority right now, and will remain so when I get back home next week.

However! I haven't forgotten that Crave needs an ending! In fact, now that I've adapted it into an original novel (yep, did that, too!), the sooner I wrap it up and put it to bed, the sooner I can figure out where to try to sell it. I know it's not going to be an easy pitch, what with it not being tailored to any specific genre, plus it's got the whole cheating angle... Anyone know of some fabulous publishing house that loves printing unconventional erotic romances with 10 initial chapters of UST leading into an adulterous May/December affair, with drama, intrigue, BDSM, and, oh yeah, it's also a comedy? ;)

I blame YOU, Joss Whedon.

Anyway, I will finish the Spuffy version of Crave ASAP. In the meantime, you should check out the new fic entries at seasonal_spuffy, which goes on through June 30th. Regretfully, due to this writing trip and work obligations, I couldn't get my entry done in time for my posting day, but there are plenty of super-talented people who could. Go over there and tell them how awesome they are.

Also, if you want to laugh (or cry, or hurl, depending), check out my latest plagiarism case. Someone "borrowed" entire sections of Crash and Burn for... wait for it... a Michael Jackson/Christina Aguilera rpf. I'll let that sink in for a minute.

(And yes, that is why I added all of those 'don't be a jerk' plagiarism warnings to every chapter of Crave. To be honest, I was seriously tempted to pack it in and take down everything I'd ever written, because what's it all for if idiots are just going to keep copying my labors of love? This was, what, the seventh time? That I knew of? And then... then someone wrote a really nice comment here about Crave, and I remembered why I do this. Because there is nothing quite like finding out that you've moved someone. There is also nothing quite like finding out that you've won fourteen awards at the SunnyDs, including 'Best Author' -- that totally made up for the pain of being plagiarized too, haha. Thanks to everyone who voted!)

By the way, there is still time to vote at the c2c_buffyawards, and the SunnyDs have just opened for new nominations.

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This is not a Crave update.

Sorry. I'm working on it! In the meantime, here is an exciting list to read:

1) Just in case you missed it, Under The Influence was completed a couple days ago (the day LJ went kaplooey. I have fantastic timing that way).

2) elfin_miss was inspired by the story to make Collapse )

3) The c2c_buffyawards still needs nominations for the following categories: "Best Comedy", "Best One-Shot", "Best Horror Elements", "Best Characterization", "Best Author" and "Best Non-Spuffy Author". Nominate your favorite (completed!) fic and authors! But don't forget to read the rules first.

4) It's the end of "Helpless" week over at fantas_magoria. If you've written any fic based on that episode, or have any to rec, or created any artwork for it, now is the time to share it. (Next week: "The Zeppo"!)



Under The Influence (S/B, NC-17) Part 3/3

Hey, it's the last part!

I made a couple of minor edits to the previous chapter. I'll probably make edits to this one, too, as it's very long and my brain hurts from looking at all the words.* But I'm impatient and I want you to see it NOW NOW NOW!!!1


*This chapter was edited LOTS 2 hours after original post. It's way better now! I hope.

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Under The Influence (S/B, NC-17) Part 1/3

What? ANOTHER new canon Spuffy fic? One that you weren't expecting at ALL (unless you follow my twitter)?

I know! It's crazy.

Long story short, I found an old fic I'd never finished, so I finished it. I've been working on two pieces of original fiction these past few weeks, so this was a nice relaxing exercise in not obsessing over that.

Here's the first part. (Next part is done, just needs a little polish.) Enjoy!

Collapse )

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No new fic (yet!) but lots to announce!

1) Sorry to show up empty-handed. I've been struggling with the execution of Crave 42, but it'll get there, and soon! I also made a little headway on *gasp!* Crash and Burn part II, but then I got all struggly with it again, so... we'll see about that.

2) One thing I'm not struggling with? The new canon Spuffy fic I'm working on for seasonal_spuffy. Wanna know why I'm not struggling?



Collapse )

3) So what if all the S/B fic awards sites are dropping like flies? The aforementioned dynamo otherwise known as dampersandspoons has created a NEW one: the c2c_buffyawards! And they're taking nominations right now. (Just know that you can't nominate yourself, f-locked fic or works in progress. Completed fic only!) So, let's all scoot on over there and nominate our favorite completed fanfiction, mmkay?

4) Nominations are also still needed over at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, especially in the new author, crossovers and original character categories. This is not strictly for S/B fic, so don't limit your choices.

5) To keep abreast of the latest info on all BtVS/Angel awards, join btvs_award_info.

6) fantas_magoria is a neat project that collects and archives all episode-related fanworks. They are currently up to "Lover's Walk", and focus on a new episode each week. You can post all of your work, new or old, fiction or artwork, any pairing or none, as long as it pertains to the current week's focus. I for one am a big fan of chronological order and putting everything in one place, so for me it is truly awesome. But even if you're not into that, you should join for the icons and pretty pictures and fic n'stuff.

7) I feel like there must be more... but I'm exhausted from obsessing like a sleepless maniac all week over this new fic! DAMPERZ/NAUTI SUPERSMUT YAY
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Please stand by...

I realize I posted the big WTF cliffhanger of doom* last week with an assurance that I wouldn't keep you waiting for the next part. I promise I'm not purposefully withholding -- I just got ch. 41 beta'ed yesterday and edited it some last night, and now it just needs another good fine-tooth-combing. However, I'm leaving right now for a last-minute weekend vacay. Which means I won't be able to upload anything until Sunday night or Monday morning. I'm VERY excited for all of you to see the story unfold and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Until then, have a great weekend...

*You have to join this community to read this ongoing (soon-to-be complete) WIP. If you're already a member, but haven't been around for a couple weeks or more, please make sure you haven't missed any chapters before reading this one, or you'll be hugely spoiled.

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Support the fandom: feed an awards site!

Nomination rounds at two major Spuffy awards sites are ending on June 15, and it looks to me like there are a few not-full (and in some cases near-empty! gasp!) categories. So here's what you can do to help:

• Go to Spark and Burn and add your noms for "Best Dark", "Best Crossover", "Best Future Fic", "Best Original Character" and "Best Villain".

• Go to the Spuffy Awards and add your noms for "Best General Long Fiction" and/or anything else that isn't full.

Nominate your favorites! Nominate yourself! But please read the rules first. (P.S. This is not a bid for noms for *me*, I'm already nominated at both sites, I'm happy to say. Also, thanks to whomever tried to nom Crave at the Spuffies, but it's ineligible there because it's f-locked.)

• OH! and Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards is open for new noms now. It's for ALL BtVS/AtS fic, so don't limit your noms to S/B. (I am partial to this awards site because they crazily gave me a best author award once, and that never happens.) One important rule to note: you cannot nominate yourself there. And no f-locked stories. That's two rules, isn't it? Anyway, have at it!

That is all. Except: I hope to have the next chapter of Crave up by mid-week, and also, dampersnspoons is amazing. I gave her a prompt yesterday and she wrote 3k words in like, an hour (and it was GOOD). By now she's probably written an epic novel. I cannot wait for her to share it with you guys! Rebel teen Spike vs. bitchy teen Buffy... BY DAMPERS? My life is now complete.

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I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I created a nautibitz twitter. Follow me if you desire to hear about nauti-like things on a slightly more regular basis -- or every three seconds, depending on how hooked I get.

Still fine-tuning Crave 24. It's a big, dramatic chapter so I want to get it right. Of course, you would know this already if you followed my twitter. ;D