NautiBitz (nautibitz) wrote in nautific,

(The origin of FILF) + How to read "Crave"

Are there any evil-Spike-as-Buffy's-father-in-law fics?

If not, I might have to write one.

ETA: Crave, the all-new all-human AU WIP by NautiBitz: Spike is a monster of a man. Buffy is his headstrong new daughter-in-law. Cat, meet mouse. This won't be an easy chase... (NC-17)

Come roll around in ze FILF with me!


1) Make a LiveJournal account. If you have one already, skip this step. Click here to create your account (it's free and easy and they won't spam you!) OR, if your blog host supports OpenID, you can skip this step and log in with your OpenID account here. (I'm not positive that this will work for joining a community, but give it a shot -- and let me know if it does or doesn't work.)

2) Log in to LiveJournal. If you're already logged in, skip this step. If you're not logged in, you should see a login prompt at the top right of this page.

3) Join my community. If you're already a member, skip this step. Membership is open to EVERYONE, there is no approval process. Though I strongly suggest that you be 18+.

4) Start reading here.

5) Comment, ya ingrate! Just kidding. I won't think you're an ingrate if you choose not to comment. I get the lurker psychology, honest. But, I DO have 98% more love for people who comment than those who don't. That's just the way it is, you understand. But fine, don't comment. Don't accept my love. Be that way. I don't care. I'll be fine here, all by myself, rocking in this dark corner with my one-eyed teddy bear and my little cutting razor... *shiversnifflesobBLEED*

Enjoy! :D

Tags: crave, crave (teh filf), fanfiction, story origins

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