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Please stand by...

I realize I posted the big WTF cliffhanger of doom* last week with an assurance that I wouldn't keep you waiting for the next part. I promise I'm not purposefully withholding -- I just got ch. 41 beta'ed yesterday and edited it some last night, and now it just needs another good fine-tooth-combing. However, I'm leaving right now for a last-minute weekend vacay. Which means I won't be able to upload anything until Sunday night or Monday morning. I'm VERY excited for all of you to see the story unfold and I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Until then, have a great weekend...

*You have to join this community to read this ongoing (soon-to-be complete) WIP. If you're already a member, but haven't been around for a couple weeks or more, please make sure you haven't missed any chapters before reading this one, or you'll be hugely spoiled.

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