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NautiBitz in Progress

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The latest bits by BtVS fanfiction writer NautiBitz.
The latest bits by fanfiction writer nautibitz. All work-in-progress fiction is posted here first and is locked for members only until final revisions.

EXCLUSIVE to this community: Work in progress Crave, an NC-17 all-human AU that casts Spike as Buffy's ruthless billionaire father-in-law. (This LJ is the only place you can read this fic. Please do not reprint any of it anywhere else. Thank you for your cooperation!)

If you want to read Crave or you like getting your fix early, you will have to a) have a LiveJournal account, and b) join the community. THERE IS NO APPROVAL PROCESS. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! (Still having trouble? Click here.)

Thanks to kitty3101 for the banner (left), and awmp for the community icon (above).

From the Indigo Crypt Awards:

April 2010: Completed the Buffy/Spike season 4 eroticomedy, Under The Influence.

May 2009: Posted a rough cut from once-planned continuation to In Heat, On High. For now we'll call it "The Chapter That Takes The Title Literally".

Apr 2009: Canon one-shot future lovesmut, Baby Likes to Roleplay. (Also doubles as the little pink bow on the ribbon of my Bunnyverse series.)

Mar 2009: Crave is being updated on the almost-regular again! Find out more about the story and how to access it here.

Feb 2009: Began posting random out of sync scenes of the next part of Crash and Burn: only one so far, but keep checking this link for more.

Nov 2008: Completed the Buffy/Spike banteriffic season 2 sex romp Don't Stop.

Feb 2008: Completed the Buffy/Spike series, Heart Don't Lie and its sequel, At It Like Rabbits.

Also recently posted: one-shots "Looking For Trouble" (S/B via Spike/Lydia) and "Temporal Insanity" (C/A).

**Thanks for reading! Feedback of any kind is heartily encouraged and deeply appreciated.**

All completed work is posted at nautibitz.com. Most is also archived at The Spuffy Realm and The Bloodshedverse.

If you wish to link to the Crave chapter memory list, you can use this shortened url: http://tinyurl.com/cravenautific

Enjoy the smut!

A NOTE ABOUT PLAGIARISM: Don't do it. Call me crazy, but I don't like finding my hard work pasted into other people's stories. If you're not clear on what 'plagiarism' means, the definition is here.

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